McCabe Do It Center is the biggest vendor for Traeger smokers in Cincinnati!

Interested in becoming a culinary couture? Maybe experimenting with hearty, smoky flavors that’ll send your taste buds running to brag? Or perhaps you want to be able to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ all on one grill? Then we’ve found you a perfect match!

Traeger Wood Pellet grills are the most versatile, transformative grilling experience you will find. The unique easy-to-use wood pellet fuel along with convectional cooking ensures your food flavor and perfection every time. Traeger is in the lead with putting their smokers to the ultimate test; from preparing feastful ribs, brisket, and chicken to smoked cocktails, baked mac n’ cheese, and blueberry pie - Traegers can do it all!

Why not try your own hand in a wood-fired wonder on your very own Traeger?

Traeger, wood pellet

But how does a Traeger work?

Here’s the top three McCabe favorites from Traeger. If you haven’t tried one of these out already, come to any of our locations to check these goodies out!

Pro 22

A grilling friend welcomed by all, the Pro 22 by Traeger is one of our most popular grills. As the medium size of the Pro series, it has just the right amount of space for a simple date night or a backyard BBQ!

Hickory Wood Pellets

Don't buy a Traeger without a bag of these pellets! Traegers' Hickory pellets give your smoked beef, pork, chicken, and veggies the delicious smokey flavor that Traegers are known for!

Timberline 850

The powerhouse of Traegering! The Timberline 850 ensures your food be cooked to perfection with its ultra insulation and WiFi connected controller! With a Timberline, you know your food is in good hands!

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